Tuesday, 21 March 2017

All You Need To Know About Alopecia Areata Treatment In India

Alopecia is an auto immune condition but certain medications offered by doctors can help in lessening the condition. The success rate of treating Alopecia is very high in India. Doctors in India offer a host of natural and medical treatments that can help to lessen the condition of Alopecia over time.

There is no doubt that most of us takes a lot of pride in flaunting our healthy and shiny hair, and it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. However sometimes we can start to experience hair loss which can be a very disturbing experience for us. Sometimes we may experience hair loss due to alopecia areata, this is where the hair fall occurs in patches on the scalp. This usually occurs in young people but off late older people has been reported to experience this too. In India there have been numerous cases where people have experienced severe cases of alopecia but thankfully an Alopecia treatment centre in India resort to many natural and medical methods to combat this condition.

Alopecia and its effects

Hair falling out and not growing back is bad enough but hair falling out in patches is really bad; such a thing can really make you look ugly and feel depressed. Many teenagers who experience this feel really depressed as they find it very hard to accept. However the good news is that the Alopecia areata treatment in India can now facilitate full recovery.

The truth about Alopecia Areata Treatment in India

The thing that you should know about Alopecia is that there is no definitive cure but yes there are certain treatments that can control the condition. Any Alopecia treatment centre in India offers both a host of natural and medical treatments. The span of the treatments may vary from person to person. The treatments have no side effects provided they are done by qualified professionals and doctors.

Medical treatments that use injections

In this treatment Corticosteroid injections are used to promote hair growth. Alopecia is a disease that is auto immune which means the body’s immune section attacks itself and so this injection acts as immunosuppressant. However injections are not the only way to treat Alopecia, there are several oral pills and ointments that do the job very well and are usually taken by people who cannot bear the pain caused by injections. Injections can sometimes cause swellings and so this treatment is only used for people who suffer from extreme conditions of alopecia.

Treatments using natural methods

Natural methods to treat alopecia have been developed after conducting extensive research on the disease. An observation has been made that juice extracted from onions when applied on the scalp can promote a lot of hair growth. In fact, experts have seen that new hair can be seen on the scalp within a period of 8 weeks. However you should remember that this is not a cure it simply treats the affected area on the scalp.

Other methods in dealing with Alopecia

There are several non invasive methods that can combat the condition and they involve using ointments. These ointments need to be applied on the scalp regularly, however these ointments my produce slow results so you need to have some patience. You may experience some amount of scaling or itching but that is normal and not a side effect.

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